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We are an exporter of conventional and organic certified agricultural products (oranges), we have strategic partners who are highly committed to this business, which complies with international standards from corps, production, factory, to delivery anywhere in the world.

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    1. Produk : lime (citruslime)
    2. Origin. : east Java , Indonesia
    3. Colour. : natural green
    4. Weight. : 15-20 kg/waring sack or 18 kg/box
    5. Seasonality. :all year supply
    6. Port of loading : by sea tanjung perak Surabaya, Indonesia or by air Juanda international airport
    7. Packing : 15-20 kg waring sack or 18 kg cardboard box
    8. Payment term. : T/T ,Cash in advance
    9. Processing time. :15-20 days

    10.supply ability : 20-30 tons/week


    What are the benefits of lime?

    As an antibacterial, lime contains chemical compounds that can be used as medicine, one of which is essential oil which is used as an antibacterial agent.

    3. Tread respiratory tract disorder, lime is known to help overcome cought attack and thin phlegm inbthe throat, the oil extract from the peel contains kaempferol and flavonoid it has anticongestive properties and is often used as an inhaler, blm, vaporizer

    Can increase immunity, the vitamin C content in lime can help increase the production of healthy cells to kill disease causing microbes,thus shortening the length of time you are sick ,apart from vitamin C, lime is also a source of antioxidants to strengthen the immune system by deffending cells from damage caused by free radicals.



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